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The 16 Plus School students progression to top ranking universities in the UK, USA, Canada & Nigeria.---UK: Imperial College- Electrical and Information Engineering | University of Kent- Psychology | USA: Purdue University- Chemical Engineering | George Washington- Political Science | Canada: Simon Fraser University- Electrical Electronic Engineering | University of Manitoba- Electrical Electronic Engineering | Nigeria: University of Lagos- Medicine & Surgery | Pan Atlantic University-Economics.

Testimonies – 2019 Session



We go through life wishing we could turn back the hands of the clock and correct some mistakes we have made in the past. Coming to the The 16 Plus School is not one of the things I would change. I recall thinking their motto “Bringing out the best in ME” was an arrogant claim, but I was not disappointed.

The 16plus was in many ways different from the secondary school I was coming from.  The most significant difference for me was how small the school was. I felt the family vibe they had going on where everyone knew everyone and there was no way you could avoid, hide or run away from anything or anyone.

Never a dull moment in the 16plus. I know all the staff and students will agree with me on this one. The school year was filled with more than enough dramatic events to last me a lifetime. Ranging from sheer comical displays that usually leave me without breath, to days where something sad or terrible happened and left everyone heavyhearted. It has really been a rollercoaster of emotions.

Looking back, If I were to single out the most drastic change that I have observed in myself, and in those that resumed with me this school year as a matter of fact, it would be that we have all matured. I mean secondary school was a controlled environment and you never really had to determine much for yourself. But here in the 16plus, I mean the freedom was not as much as I had hoped for, but still there was so much you had to do by yourself.

The final and most important lesson I think I have taken from the 16plus is that maturity is synonymous to self-control. As the school year went on, I noticed that it was a lack of maturity that led to several problems. I leave the 16plus, having not only learnt more math and physics, but with more willpower to take charge of my life. I sincerely feel that the best was brought out in me.



My time spent within the four walls of 16 Plus has certainly been an experience to say the least. The first time that I entered the school compound, I had no idea what to expect from anything or anyone. A young, innocent boy just fresh from secondary school, I was essentially going in blind for the next phase of my life.

What I have gone through in the past few months has consistently shown signs of being some of the most important parts of my formative years. I have truly learnt a lot. The blend of rigorous classes to prepare for my exams, and the countless number of trainings, workshops and talks on various topics proves itself to be a forward-thinking and zeitgeisty move on the part of the school management. 

This programme has proven to be the most academically challenging task I have undertaken in my life. Suffice to say that it is not for the faint of heart, mind or body. However, thanks to the warm environment; the patient and thorough guidance of my teachers; supportive staff and the bonds of camaraderie formed between I and my new friends, I was able to persevere up to this point.

So in summary, I’ve grown quite fond of this place and the people that I’ve encountered here.



Nine months in the 16 plus school has taught me a lot. I had been to the school for lessons for my IGCSE and SAT before but I had no idea what to expect.

It has been a wild ride since the day I came into this school on the 16th of September 2018. The first term was hectic as I had to write various external examinations in addition to the regular biweekly school tests and exams. The second semester was more serious; the examinations were fast approaching and additional measures, such as extra, classes were taken to ensure we finished the syllabus and still had enough time for revision. 

The learning process has been so exciting and challenging at the same time. The school is a small community where there is good relationship between the teachers and the students which aids good relationship in the classroom. I have grown academically and learnt to endure more challenges thrown my way.



I remember when I just came to this school. I was clueless about anything and everything being new to the IGCSE curriculum. My mum and I received a warm welcome and were patiently put through the admission process. Fast forwarded about 2 days later I joined the year 10 class.

Now I am in year 11, with only about 2 months to go and I can only look back at the past 2 years in reminiscence. The one thing I can testify strongly is the academics. The 16 Plus School is devoted to making sure we students scale to new heights result wise. The staff; both teaching and non-teaching commit themselves to ensuring the students understand every little thing without missing a step.

My journey with The 16 Plus School is about to come to an end but one thing I know is that I will always view The 16 plus school as the one that moulded me, that brought me to where I am now. This experience is something I will never forget.



It’s been just under 6 months since I walked through the doors of The 16 Plus School and with that in mind the developments that have surfaced during the cause of that period have been exceptional.

I came into The 16 Plus School with a mediocre WASSCE result, low self-esteem and a whole lot of hope and desire to be better, and with the help of my erudite teachers and hospitable peers, I’ve been able to settle quickly to embark on my journey of bringing out the best in myself. While my stay hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses (trust me, not at all) the results have been justifiable: due to the regular enlightenment and empowerment programs the school holds, I’ve been able to pick up a few life skills which have helped ease the bumps along the way- in my personal life and education wise.

I’m currently in the process of retaking my WASSCE exams and I have developed so much confidence in my ability. I’m proud to say that I’ll be graduating from the 16 Plus School this year but the best part of is I’ll be leaving with more than just a better WASSCE result; but also with the right mindset-to tackle the challenges that life after 16 Plus School has to offer.



I have had quite a worthwhile experience during my stay at The 16 plus school. Although my stay at The 16 plus school has not been a walk in the park, it has taught me a lot of things such as confidence, tolerance, how to live peaceably with people, both boys and girls alike.

Again, I can boldly state I have received great insight to the outside world, and how to cope with the challenges that come with it. Amidst all the things I have learnt from my stay at The 16 plus school, one major thing I have learnt that cannot be taken away from me is independence. The 16 plus school has taught me how to make decisions for myself and suffer the consequences (if bad), and enjoy the benefits (if good).

In addition, as the motto of the school says;…..bringing out the best in you. This school has really brought out the best in me in terms of character and majorly academics. The school has brought out the best in me academic wise with the love, support, and dedication of the teachers to ensure that the students perform excellently well in examinations. The teachers also serve as a source of encouragement to students who are not doing so well.

Furthermore, the fortnightly organized tests by the school has really helped me to become very serious and keep up with my school work. It has also helped me keep to cultivate a good reading habit that would enable me to survive in the university.

Finally, there are a lot of good values that the 16 plus school has instilled in me that would prepare me to face whatever challenges the outside world has in stock for me. I really do hope I am able to apply these lessons in my future endeavours.