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Bringing Out The best in You

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The 16 Plus School students progression to top ranking universities in the UK, USA, Canada & Nigeria.---UK: Imperial College- Electrical and Information Engineering | University of Kent- Psychology | USA: Purdue University- Chemical Engineering | George Washington- Political Science | Canada: Simon Fraser University- Electrical Electronic Engineering | University of Manitoba- Electrical Electronic Engineering | Nigeria: University of Lagos- Medicine & Surgery | Pan Atlantic University-Economics.

Testimonies – 2017 Session


Seeing as this is possibly my last full academic week in the 16 Plus School I thought of killing the reader of this reflection with some of the funniest stories he or she has ever heard. But thinking it over I decided to be serious. So, instead of the reader going like “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha” at the end of this reflection, he or she is hopefully going to be like “Awwwwww”.

So thinking about my stay in the 16 plus school, I can compare it to a man walking through a tunnel. A fine tall athletic man. Walking through this tunnel he meets a bunch of things, both pleasurable and distasteful.

He or she has to be careful where he or she has to step so as not to fall into a ditch and try to be quiet so as not to attract those things that don’t like noise. (Head of School). Now he is going to need guidance whether it is a torch to allow you see clearly or a nagging voice in your head constantly reminding you to do certain things- like your reflection (Admin Babes esp. Ms. Tonia)

Before I came to the 16 Plus school, I was quite proud. I thought everything was about me. Life was basically The TOPE show. But spending these few months, becoming brothers and sisters with the guys, I realized something. It is still all about ME but other people have their own mini-series.

Now you are nearing the end of the tunnel and there is a lot of light blinding you. Thankfully there is also this big guy, who walks with three legs, who can shield your eyes from the rays of light and keep you on the right track ( AJ Boy). As you continue on the journey out of the tunnel your eyes start to adjust to the intensity of the light. You start getting restless and you start jumping so high and you are about to hit you head against the tunnel but there is another big guy who lambasts you to the back to the ground (Dr C.). When you come back down to earth, he gives you a reassuring smile and you realize that he has just saved your life. Now I’m at the end of the tunnel. Even the journey through the tunnel is rough, I will still miss a lot of things in it especially the people. Now this man is out of the tunnel and he looks out to the world and he knows he is ready to take it.
Thus man is me.

Now I am sitting here, writing this beautiful reflection, should I send it? Is it too much? But if I don’t send it, I would be depriving the world on a literary masterpiece. So I click Send.
Signing out,
– Adebayo Temitope, Rutgers University, New Jersey, U.S.A

Head Boy-Osineye Eniola Adebayo-A'Level Science.

The 16 Plus School was my fitst choice out of many other A level schools. Although the school is new and not well knwon, i knew therewas something different – something special.
Since my first day at school on the 14th of September 2016, my life has been imparted positively. The teachers are experienced, composed and intuitive. they are not only teachers but leaders. the small student teacher ratio allows student to really connect with the subjects in and out of class. if could turn back the hands of time to make a different choice, i would not. Because i know i made not only the right choice but the BEST CHOICE.

Ben-Eboh Edward(A'Level-Science)

Being in this School for some time has really change the way i think about an A-leel School. It’s not very school that teachers are devoted to teaching; work overtime most of the time; whrer the students’s opinion count and learning is truly fun. I am very thanksful to have found a place like The 16 Plus School.

Timothy mayokun-(IGCSE-Science)

The time I’ve spent at The 16 Plus School has been wonderful so far. I have made new discovers an new friends in the school. the members of staff are friendly and always willing to help the students academically and the environment is conducive for learning. Extra measures are also put in place to ensure the success of students, for example the introduction of planners. the planners are introduces so as to encourage the students to plan and make effective use of their time. we also watch weekly developmental videos. some examples include time management, notes taking. Leadership training are held to improve student’s public speaking skills and prepare them for impromptu speeches.
Tests are conducted forthnightly so as to ensure that students understand what they are being taught. the school has well equipped laboratories and functional classrooms.

Awoniyi Omodunni (IGCSE-Science)

My name is Awoniyi Omodunni Priscilla. My stay in the 16 Plus School so far has been very transoforming. it has also been very good.

Ogundeko Oluwatofunmi (A'Level -Social Science)

My name is Oluwatofunmi Ogundeko and I resumed at The 16 Plus School a few days after the commencement of first term. my stay here has been amazing so far and i must say that i have really improved on my grades and knowledge generally.
This is the only school that has succeeded in helping me understand Mathematics and i am very grateful for that. All thanks to Mr Ajayi. i have a natural flair for Economics and Business and Mr Coban has really helped in broadening my understand, he has helped me to use practical examples to support my answers to get higher marks.
the 16 Plus School i s not only excellent in hte academics, but also on character building and leadershipship skills. this is achieved by hte leasersiop classes we hve monthly.
However, the School could improve on the sports and social activities, and introduce boarding facilities so that preparations for exams can be more effective.