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Testimonies – 2022 Session

Testimonies – 2022 Session


The 16plus School is the best place to prepare for a transition into any higher education program of your choice. The various programs they offer cater to those who want to remain in Nigeria and study, or if need be, those who want to study internationally. The first thing I noticed upon entering the school for my placement test was its serene environment. I found this pleasing because, as a person, I need a quiet place to learn. Upon starting, I began to realize that the school put its primary focus on providing a conducive environment for students to learn. With the air-conditioned classes, projectors, use of computers, and access to the internet, there was no excuse for students to not put in their best. As for the teachers, you could even call them friends; they gave fun and easy-to-understand lessons, and if a further one-to-one explanation was needed, they gave it with as much patience as possible. When I compare the person I am now to the person I was before I started school, I can see some big improvements. I acquired productivity skills with the various presentations I gave; I acquired teamwork skills by working together with my classmates; I also learned time management from those seniors to me; and most importantly, I solidified my moral values by actively engaging in the various fellowships with God.

Programme: OSSDiploma (2022)
Final Grade: 90.5%
University Progression: University of Alberta, Canada

Course of Study: Engineering
Scholarship Received: CAD 5000
Other Offers Received:

Mechanical Engineering, University of Windsor (CAD 10,000 Scholarship)

Mechanical Engineering, Western University (CAD 2500 Scholarship)


“My time at the 16 Plus School has been a remarkable experience. I have met many people from different backgrounds, all of whom have impacted my life in different ways. I have to say the teachers are the best part of the whole experience. Though many of them teach many students learning different curriculums multiple classes a day, they still pay a great deal of attention to each student; teachers of the 16 Plus School do their utmost best to ensure the success of their students even if that means spending extra hours with them. Moreover, the staff is friendly and jovial, building a good rapport with students and parents alike. They create a trained, welcoming school environment. The 16 plus makes the transition from academic life in Nigeria to elsewhere almost seamless and I have been fortunate to learn with them.”


Programme: OSSDiploma (2022)
Final Grade: 89.5%
University Progression: Trent University, Ontario Canada

Course of study: Psychology
Scholarship Received: CAD 2500
Other Offers Received: Brock University, Psychology- CAD10,000 Brock Scholars Award


16 Plus is a simple but magnificent institution focused on aiding students in the success of vital examinations indigenous to Nigeria and many other countries out there. Some of these include the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinaton (WAEC), Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), Cambridge examination, and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). In addition to these programs, they aid students who aim to study in Canada and the United Kingdom by sponsoring foundation classes which give the students a higher chance at obtaining scholarships in their dream schools in these countries. The time I spent at The 16 Plus school was an unforgettable one. I met many helpful, inspiring, and outstanding teachers. Their abilities in the classroom as well as their friendliness were unmatched. They ensured the satisfaction of students as well as proper behaviour among them. The teachers did not make up the whole school as the other staffs: the heads of school, the secretary, the financial adviser, as well as the cleaners and drivers all carried out their duties effectively and timely, ensuring the continued prosperity of the organisation. Although we the students and staff sometimes had disagreements, it never reached extreme measures and were always taken care of with regards to both sides, leading to better understanding among everyone. On a different view, regarding the ever changing economy of Nigeria, The 16 Plus school were economical and financially wise in adapting to the constant increase in price during my time at the school. Although the inflation affected the school negatively, it was still able to ensure a good learning environment as well as provide enough food and beverages to keep us going. In addition, the management was quick to act on complaints offered by parents and students to ensure high standards and optimum satisfaction. I will never regret the time spent at the 16 Plus School undergoing the OSSD Program as I learned many valuable lessons both in and outside class. It is one of the best decisions I have made.

Programme: OSSDiploma (2022)
Final Grade: 90%
University Progression: University of Windsor, Ontario
Course of study: Business Administration and Economics
Scholarship Received: CAD10,000

Other Offers Received:
Economics, Brock University-CAD10,000 Scholarship
Economics and Business Administration, Trent University CAD2,500 Scholarship
Economics, York University-CAD2,000 Scholarship


I joined The 16 Plus family in February 2022, and I am happy to attend such a Godly institution. From the few months I spent here and from what I have experienced, I can boldly tell anyone it is a great school. The rules help keep the school in order. There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing the information so that everyone gets what is to be done. The facilities in the school create a very good environment for learning.

The UK Foundation program, I must say, was a successful one for me. It was done in collaboration with City College, Oxford. I took a total of eight courses. Our teachers over there were serious about giving us study materials and having virtual classes with us. Our teachers here in The 16 Plus School were very committed to teaching us with the study materials and monitoring our progress with assessments. They were readily available to answer my questions. It was a privilege learning the same thing from the two sources because it expanded my knowledge and cleared the confusion. In all, the program was flexible. I have been exposed to the United Kingdom curriculum now.

God bless The 16 Plus school.


Walking into The 16 Plus school a few months ago, I would not have expected to make such unforgettable memories. With excellent teachers being here to guide me through my studies and even more amazing friends to make long-lasting memories with, being in this school is an experience I will never forget.

The 16 Plus school is an institution that aims to help students achieve their academic goals and personal goals. Being a student here successfully helped me achieve those goals. With Mr Wasiu’s tough-love approach, Mr Segun’s and Mr Nurudeen’s calm and coolheaded teaching, Mr Jospeh’s youthful relatability, and the wise advice given by other teachers, being in this school has made a lasting impact on me for the better.

To sum it all up, being in The 16 Plus School for a short period has left me with improved qualities, skills, and amazing memories. I would be forever grateful to everyone that has contributed to making this school a fantastic learning environment, from the teachers going out of their way to impart knowledge to us, to the janitorial staff working hard to keep our classes as conducive as possible. 16 Plus has been a blessing, and I am forever thankful. As the school motto says, The 16 Plus school truly brought out the best in me.



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