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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Director’s Speech At The Valedictory Service 2018

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express our profound gratitude to our parents, students, Teachers and friends for being part of The 16 Plus School story. We thank God that we have come to the end of another successful year and give Him all the glory.

During the 2017/2018 academic session, we were able through concerted efforts, to record remarkable success in the following areas:

  • Academic achievements
  • Planned initiatives
  • Innovation
  • Curriculum
  • Training
  • Student development
  • Parent engagement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Academic Achievements

Cambridge International Examinations

  • Accelerate Advanced Levels
  • Advanced Subsidiary
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (Year 10 & 11)

80% pass rate with 23% of the students recording A* to A grades and the others A-C grades.

WASSCE – 100% pass rate – highest 6 A1’s in Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Further Mathematics.

SAT classes have become very popular. The SAT classes were held for students of the 16 Plus School and students in schools where we provide Guest Teaching Services. Between October 2017 and May 2018 we recorded 100% pass rates with highest score of 1500/1600, average 1200/1600 and lowest 860/1600

TOEFL: 100% pass rate, highest 107/120, average 88/120 and lowest 69/120

IELTS: 100% pass rate highest 7.5/9, average, 7/9 and lowest 6.5/9

As a preparatory school, we also support students to excel in UTME for admissions into  Nigerian Universities. UTME 2018 highest 308/400, average 272/400 and lowest 198/400.

Planned Initiatives

We reported last year about future plans and are glad to inform you that we opened the Hostel facilities in October 2017.

We also have an approval to commence our Foundation School next month, which is a Satellite Centre of City College Oxford, UK for OTHM certified Level 3,& 4 Diploma. The curriculum is rich and the certificate is an equivalent of GCE AS/A level.

Innovation (2017/2018)

  • Leadership programme: We have run two sessions for 14-18 years old, with a theme; ‘Young and Ready to Lead’.  Major highlights have been leadership skills, entrepreneurship, Career Development, Team Building, Financial planning, Presentation and public speaking skills.
  • Teacher Training for other schools in Physics, Mathematics, English Language and SAT techniques.
  • New subjects introduced at A Levels: Psychology, Accounting, Arts and Design and Further Mathematics.

At O’ Levels, based on specific demand, we started a small WASSCE class for students who have completed their IGCSE programme, in the 2018 examinations, we recorded 100% pass rate A-C grades.

We continue to engage in Co-curricular activities such as Sports and Community service.

Sports: football, table tennis, basketball and indoor games.

Community service: clearing playing grounds, visit to homes with students with different challenges. Teaching in public schools.

Career Day: is a two day programme where a certified coach works with the students to develop a personality profile and expose them to a wide range of career options. This is followed by presentations with experienced professionals in various fields. It is usually an engaging experience.


Our teachers continue to attend training courses to boost their skills. For the next academic session, we have concluded plans for an exchange programme with a number of schools in the UK and Kenya for teachers during the first term.

Student development

To ensure an all-round development for the students, an exchange programme is planned with two schools in the UK.

Students of the Foundation School also will have an opportunity of a one week exchange program at City College Oxford UK.


In the last term, we introduced a mentorship programme which we hope to make mentors and mentees interact to develop and impact each other.

Guidance Counsellor

We shall have a G&C working with students from next session.


Students’ reflections would continue to form a critical feedback tool and provide opportunity for continuous improvement.

Parents Engagement

Our twice a Term parents consultation has proved effective in developing all stakeholders. This shall be sustained in the next academic year. We plan a parent’s orientation at the beginning of the academic year and quarterly coffee mornings for stakeholder engagements. Suggestion on ways to make the experience at our school effective will be appreciated.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Every year we give out a full scholarship to a student and between 10% – 20% percent scholarship off tuition to students who perform exceptionally at our entrance examination.

In conclusion, as a preparatory school for university admission we shall continue to work assiduously with students to ensure success and we are proud of our qualified, experienced and passionate teachers who work tirelessly to ensure that each child achieves their full potential.

For the graduating class of 2018, we are proud to announce admissions to good ranking Universities in Nigeria, United States and Canada where at least 35% of the students have obtained scholarships from different Universities ranging between 35% -70% off tuition. These scholarships were earned from SAT scores, convincing personal statements insightful essays and oral interviews.

Finally, we would like to commend the class of 2018 for their resilience, recognising that every single student worked very hard and succeeded in improving by at least two grades up from their starting point at the beginning of the session and our commendation goes to all who in one way or the other made this happen.

We encourage our dear students, parent, teachers, family and friends to continue to spread our ethos, which is bringing out the best in you and undertake to continue to work hard and to ensure that each student of The 16 Plus School, gain admission into the university and ultimately get their first choice career at the end of their stay in The 16 Plus School.

Finally a big thank you to our parents for believing in us and my heartfelt gratitude to all the staff of the 16 Plus School (Sixth Form).

God bless you!

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